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The Emerald Coast: the unmissable Saint Malo – Mont Saint Michel Bay

cote d'émeraude de st malo - mont st michel

Saint-Cast-le-Guildo – Dol-de-Bretagne – Le Mont-Saint-Michel – Cancale – Saint-Malo – Saint-Cast-le-Guildo (Via the express highway or the coastal road)

From the Merveille to the Corsair city, the Emerald coast follows the beat of Europe’s biggest waves.

They are the promise of great salty strolls along the foreshores, which lay on a platter a rich cultural heritage, embellished with oysters, mussels and fortified castles.

Dol de Bretagne: Ancient religious capital with a medieval charm!

Located at the edge of Brittany, the ancient episcopal city of Dol offers architectural treasures to its visitors. Saint Samson’s Cathedral, a Gothic Breton jewel, medieval houses…

Rich architectural vestiges as well as an uninterrupted view from Mont Dol across the whole Mont Saint Michel bay.

Mont St Michel: Be amazed!

No matter where you look from , you will see that the bay of Mont Saint Michel is a jewel.

The sand, the marshes, the sea, the sky, all shares the same horizon.

Light plays with the elements, in a constantly changing landscape, which reflects the Mont Saint Michel and the standing rows of mussel racks.

Cancale: Relish it!

This pretty port is a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds.

Elected as an outstanding place for food, Cancale has a long-standing reputation for its oysters and shellfish.

A big plus, these salty delicacies can be enjoyed whilst admiring the amazing Mont Saint Michel, encased within the bay.

Saint Malo: attack the Corsair City!

Similar to a stone vessel at the mouth of the Rance River, Saint Malo proudly raises its walls above its beaches and its lively port.

The façades and towers emerge from the fortifications, giving the town its unique silhouette.

The way to visit the city is by using the sentry’s walkway, it provides uninterrupted views!

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